Secret Satoshi Is Now Live On Google Assistant


Calling all Bitcoin,  Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts!

Secret Satoshi is now live on Google Assistant!

Download google assistant:

Get it on Google Play

Then say the google action, “talk to secret Satoshi”.


Or, on your Google Home smart speakerJust say, “Hey Google, talk to secret Satoshi”.

Who is Secret Satoshi?

So, who exactly is Satoshi and why should you care? Well actually, no one really knows!  The real Satoshi is anonymous.

“Some wonder if he is a government pawn or a tech genius trying to liberate the world.”

To Cryptocurrency fans, he is a hero. Satoshi Nakamoto was the creator of the first Cryptocurrency : BitcoinYou should care because if you have any interest in Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency or Blockchain, your knowledge is very valuable. Your knowledge and input will help us create an efficient app.

Inspiration Behind Secret Satoshi On Google Assistant

I had an informal interview with one of our team members, Suraj Rajendranm. He is a Software Engineering Intern, pursuing a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Computer Science, at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I asked him a few questions about inspiration behind Secret Satoshi and some insight into user experience:

So can you tell me a little bit more about what went into creating this?

“If I were to remember correctly, the first thing I did was create the quiz module based on the knowledge I had on bitcoin and Google Actions. As I progressed, I added more advanced features such as delays and images. Three months or so in, Brandon suggested that we have two more modules that involved a simulation and lessons on bitcoin.

What should the user get out of this experience?

First off, users should be aware of the Traits AI beta testing after the first go of Secret Satoshi. In the next experiences, users will be able to gain valuable information about bitcoin. Or, if they already know a good amount, they can always try the simulation out. Hopefully, they have a good time with the stock simulation and gain experience in the exchange game.

I’m assuming you were the one that designed this, correct?

Yes, you would be. That said, there was a lot of input from other team members on what modules and how they should be constructed. I would say the only part that’s uniquely my design is my implementation of it in the Google Actions code and how I constructed the Google Agent. Everything else was a team effort.



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