How Empathetic, Animated Avatars Can Enhance Your Business

Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we’ll augment our intelligence.” —Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM

First there was Siri and then there was Alexa – these voice assistants have changed the way we interact with technology but what about animated avatars?

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, we are now presented with Animated Avatars these avatars put a face to a voice.

At Traits AI, we seek to merge human and machine interaction into one that is Empathetic – with human needs in mind. These avatars have human-like qualities and offer non-verbal communication that will enhance and improve the overall experience for your users.

Our avatars come with speech recognition that enables natural speech patterns, and speech synthesis – that allows the avatar to respond aloud. They are also fully animated – smiling, talking, and laughing which increases customer immersion and interaction.

Why? Because it just feels NATURAL.

A great example of an animated avatar would be Mitsuku. You speak to her and she speaks back, with expressions, and at times, with sarcasm. She also answers intelligently, has an impressive background history and distinct personality.











Every business needs a brand. The potential for animated avatars is that they can become a company mascot, offer enhanced customer services and work as a life-like bridge between client and company. You can design your avatar to look like the people you are serving: from physical appearance, mannerisms, speech patterns, and professional/cultural dress code.


This mascot or avatar can become a consistent and integral part of your company’s brand and can be easily updated as needed. This will offer you complete control over how you present your brand and interact with your clients. Animated Avatars can also be used to keep track of traffic, audience interaction metrics and popularly asked questions.

Also, taking into consideration, Web Accessibility – a percentage of clients have physical disabilities. Animated Avatars can provide visual cues for those with Autism, etc. Google Assistant is another great tool for people with disabilities such as blindness. 

We expect a great shift in the way we use technology, specifically Artificial assistants in the upcoming years. The defining factor is using animated avatars to serve clients from all walks of life and standing out as a unique brand.


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