Satoshi App Closed Beta

Satoshi here, inviting you to apply to be a beta tester for my upcoming app.

Use my app to chat about bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain, or anything really! I know a lot about crypto, but sometimes I need help coming up with a clever answer.  That’s where you come in.  You can join my “master mind” to help me answer the tough questions.  If you’re any good, you’ll be able to earn bitcoin (a few satoshis!) in the app in exchange for helping out.

I’m looking for a dedicated group of testers who know something about bitcoin and are interested in artificial intelligence.  Spots are limited and will be a closed beta not open to the general public.   You can apply to join the closed beta with the signup form below.


Requirements include:

  • you are excited about AI and want to help shape AI development
  • you know about bitcoin
  • you have an iPhone (Android version coming soon)
  • provide your Apple ID so I can add you to TestFlight (the iOS beta testing service)
  • you can commit to providing feedback and bug reports

That last point is very important.  If you’re just looking to try out the app and are unwilling to help provide constructive feedback then please wait until open beta.  At this point in the development I am looking for testers who are actively engaged in making my app as awesome as it can be!

So go ahead and enter your email below to apply to be in the iPhone closed beta!