How to Make AI Work for You

We are only halfway through the year 2020 and already we have experienced some of the most dynamic shifts in human behavior in the past century. The combination of both global and social crises have created a higher demand for more online services and even the smallest of business have taken notice. With so many people staying home, there has been a huge surge in online shopping, which has resulted in an increased demand for automated messaging services like AI avatars and chatbots to be on the front-line of customer service. What is the lesson here?

Consumers are drawn to technology that adapts to and integrates into their lifestyle

So why not develop a strategy geared towards how people interact with modern technology? As expectations for an online presence begin to become the norm, businesses will need to be ready to provide more tailored services to fit the individual needs of their client base. 

We live in the age of instant-gratification and customers are coming to expect that they can get their questions answered any time of day or night

Fortunately, conversational AI (e.g. AI avatars, digital assistants, and chatbots) have already broken ground when it comes to providing service to your customer base 24/7 through the use of always-available digital assistants tailored to your brand. For example, you can use Facebook Messenger bots to sign potential clients up to a newsletter or even sending them a downloadable PDF of your services. These bots can save you time by automating some of the most common requests that allows you to focus more on where your attention is needed most!

This is only the beginning, as AI technology develops these assistants will soon have capabilities such as deciphering subtle voice cues and tonalities. Like Albert Mehrabian’s 7-38-55 rule: 

Communication is 7% verbal, 38% tone, and 55% body language.

Understanding these behaviors can dynamically affect how users will engage with your business. As for today, businesses that are able to utilize these available conversational technologies out there will have an advantage when the new wave of commerce emerges.

So every business that doesn’t already have an online presence is going to struggle. If you are a business owner you’ve got to be online. And if you’re online you need at least a chatbot to handle your customers inquires 24/7. Chat with our CS bot Liz if you’d like to discuss getting a chatbot, digital assistant, or AI avatar for your business!

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