Conversational AI on the Frontlines of COVID-19

Conversational AI Against COVID-19

Conversational AI has been a tremendous help in every aspect during these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Global health organizations are utilizing conversational AI to inform the general public as well as provide resources such as locations of test sites for those in need. Not only that, the general public has access to these resources online. Without the need to directly visit the hospital, this is perfect to comply with social distancing rules. Additionally, this helps to unclutter hospitals as they don’t have the capacity to provide help for everyone, and reserve the hospital’s resources for those who actually need them. A number of hospitals have implemented conversational AI chatbots to help with the process of checking in, paperworks, as well as diagnosis. There is just not enough resource to manage the great increase in influx of patients, and turning to the external help of conversational AI definitely proved to be effective. 

Conversational AI in Businesses

Conversational AI has not only been helping hospitals, but also businesses during this pandemic. Without employees in the office, many call centers are empty. With the help of conversational AI, customers are still assisted and service is provided. For retail businesses, customer service is still running with the help of AI chatbots on their websites. 

Conversational AI in Social Media

Just like how conversational AI can help businesses scale up and have more reach to customers, it helps health organizations to have more reach to the general public and provide help. Social media platforms are making use of conversational AI to offer free service online, as well as to survey the health of the public. This is crucial for gathering information for health organizations as well as keeping the general public informed of the effects of COVID-19. 

Growth of Conversational AI

Conversational AI has been crucial in providing relief in this pandemic, but it has also helped conversational AI tremendously. Due to the demands and needs of conversational AI, experts have recognized the importance of this technology. This has led to a great number of investments that went into developing and advancing conversational AI. Even after the pandemic, hospitals, businesses, and social media are likely to continue to utilize this technology and will become mainstream. Because of this, the growth of conversational AI will continue to rise for the years to come.

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