Secret Tips in Voice Assistant Development that Jovo Doesn’t Tell You

Voice-activated Voice assistant utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology alongside human understanding to help create the engagement and enjoyment in user experience and business growth. Traits AI is on top of the game and implements the Jovo framework which allows developers to build voice experiences that work across devices and platforms, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, mobile phones, Raspberry Pi, and more. If you are also interested in developing your own voice assistant through the Jovo framework, you might need the “secret” development tips and tricks that Jovo doesn’t tell you.

Tips in Google Action development  through Jovo framework that Jovo doesn’t tell you:

  • Avoid using non-gmail affiliated email addresses when developing. It will result in a permission denial in the Google Action Test Simulator which disables the local testing in the console. An error message “This setting is not currently available for your account type.” will show up.
  • When performing local testing, always use Google Action Test Simulator instead of the test console provided in DialogFlow Essentials, since Jovo currently does not support the test feature in DialogFlow ES.
  • Take advantage of the “Restore From ZIP” feature which enables an instant import of all intents, training phrases and entities through a zip file.

But how do we achieve this? First, code out all intents, training phrases and entities in “en-US.json” file under folder “models”. Then, run “jovo build” in the command line which creates platform specific folders (this feature only supports Alexa Skills and Google Actions for now). Next, navigate to the targeting platform folder, run “jovo deploy”. Now, you can get the zip file that contains all the intents, training phrases, and entities.

Tips in Alexa Skill development through THE Jovo framework that Jovo doesn’t tell you:

  • To pass the Certification Test of Amazon, these 4 Intents are MUST HAVES even if you don’t use it in the actual app logic. Make sure you include them in the IntentMap in the config.js file under src folder and en-US.json file under folder models.
    1. AMAZON.CancelIntent
    2. AMAZON.StopIntent
    3. AMAZON.HelpIntent
    4. AMAZON.RepeatIntent

We hope these tips are helpful when you are developing your next Voice Assistant through the Jovo platform. Don’t forget to check out our Voice Assistants and try them on Alexa and Google Assistant!

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