Traits AI’s Brand Story

I recently had the privilege of attending Your Brand Story, an event hosted by Kardia VIBE in San Diego.

Featuring our amazing and talented advisor

Amanda Lettmann, Founder of Kardia Ventures


the renowned Brand Strategist

Fabian Geyrhalter, Founder and Principal of FINIEN.


In 2016 Fabian published his first book, How to Launch a Brand, and recently published his second book, BIGGER Than This, which provides very current insights on going beyond just starting a company into how to create a brand with a bigger purpose.


During his many years as a branding expert, he noticed reoccurring themes in how otherwise common products were able to become admired brands by paying special attention to eight TRAITS that sets them apart from the rest.

During the Your Brand Story event, Fabian walked us through case studies of each of these traits as examples of how to stand out as a brand with bigger purpose.

I was truly inspired by hearing Fabian speak so passionately and it comes at a very relevant time for me.


William C. Taylor of FAST COMPANY said,  “Don’t just read this book…put it to work inside your company.”


And I have done just that!


1) STORY – We are underdogs!

We’re a small, scrappy startup built by passionate AI enthusiasts (*ahem* geek power! *ahem*) determined to make a positive contribution to the world.  We realize we’re joining an industry dominated by big companies, but AI is a budding technology with plenty of room for innovation that can happen faster in small startups than in big companies.  I invite you to follow along on our story as we continue to grow by joining our newsletter.

2) BELIEF – Traits AI is built on the belief that AI is best when working in collaboration with people.

Technology has dramatically improved our quality of life and continues to do so.  We build AI with the purpose of improving all peoples’ lives by focusing on human-centered AI designed to empower us all.  We enhance humans, rather than replace them.


3) CAUSE – We make AI for everyone not just for powerful corporations.

We want to lift everyone up together and not concentrate the power of AI in the hands of a few.  We’re designing AI avatars for social media influencers to help them connect to their audience using AI.  We want to help out the other underdogs and people making a living online through social media.

We firmly believe that AI should represent all of us.  We make AI for everyone. For every new email newsletter sign-up we get we will donate $1 to and post it publicly here so that you can see that you made a difference.  Don’t worry, we won’t share your entire email address publicly.

4) DELIGHT – Our AIs are designed to have personalities that delight users.

Our company name is derived from personality traits.  We aim to create AI avatars with the traits that delight the users.  Our AI avatars’ objective is to pleasantly surprise and delight you in an authentic an empathetic way while staying in character.


5) TRANSPARENCY – In the information age, trust is a prerequisite.

When you chat with our AI avatars, you’re sharing information about yourself and trusting us to be good stewards of your data.  We take this responsibility very seriously and tell you upfront how we use the data that you share.


6) SOLIDARITY – We stand firm in our commitment to develop AI for good.

Our AI avatars are for ever increasing quality of life and advancing society into a harmonious future in which we all want to live.  We stand against developing AIs with harmful traits and pledge to never develop AI with the intention to cause harm to others.  We have joined many other AI professionals, researchers, and organizations to sign the pledge of The Future Of Life Institute to refuse to develop lethal AI.


To our clients our tech is the AI that provides a human-centered connection because we understand that people are the heart of your business.


Thank you to Amanda for organizing this inspiring event!

and thank you Fabian for driving down to San Diego to speak with us!

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More on the values of Traits AI coming soon!

Thanks for reading.  Now let’s shape the future of AI into the best it can possibly be!

Brandon Bosse

Founder & CEO

Traits AI, Inc.

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