AI Avatars Can Change the Face of Your Company, Literally!

If you’re not in the conversational AI industry, you might not have noticed just how much traction they are receiving. More and more companies are adopting AI avatars to free up more time and improve efficiency. AI avatars are similar to voice assistants you’re already familiar with like Siri or Alexa because you can interact with them using your voice. But they’re different in that they are usually animated to put a face to the voice.

Here are examples of 5 companies that are already using AI avatars in their business:

  1. Amelia – First Available in 2014 

Amelia is the cutting edge of technology as she is an AI avatar that is a virtual employee. She can help with customer support, HR, marketing, and other business tasks and she can be tailored to different types of businesses. She also has a voice option that enables her to communicate with customers, personally address them, and then solve their issues. She is said to solve customer issues with care and compassion.

  1. Ruth – First Available February 2020

A very recent example of an AI avatar is Ruth created by Nestle. She is a cookie baking coach that you can refer to for questions on baking chocolate chip cookies. You can ask her questions by texting her or speaking directly to her since she is voice-activated. She shows that AI avatars can be adapted to any company, and not just tech or customer support-oriented businesses.


  1. Bugs Bunny – First Available January 2021

AI avatars are also a great way to interact and attract consumers as shown with Bugs Bunny. This Bugs Bunny interactive avatar was used by the AT&T experience store to display the capabilities of the new 5G network and uses neural text-to-speech created by Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service. Bugs Bunny plays a game with the customer as they give him directions around the store to find carrots. As he follows the directions, the customer can observe his fluid motions on the 5G network. Customers had a fun time interacting with the Bugs Bunny avatar while also learning more about 5G and encouraging adoption of the new network.

  1. Digital Deepak – First Available January 2020

Digital Deepak is a popular life coach that is available online and in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. He is based on Dr. Chopra’s ideas of well-being. He can personalize your wellbeing plan and coach you through his 7 pillars of wellbeing in your life. This is a great addition to your self-care routine and a great way to focus on mindfulness in your life and de-stress. 

  1. Jamie  – First Available July 2018

Jamie is an AI avatar created by Soul Machines for ANZ, which is a bank in Australia and New Zealand. She is a business-oriented virtual being that can help businesses with financial service processes and general inquiries. She is able to answer questions that arise from customers and increases the company’s productivity. Soul Machines reports she was able to assist with 12,000 inquiries in her first 100 days going live.  

These are just a few examples of how AI avatars are about to go mainstream. If you do not have an AI avatar for your business you should get one ASAP. Hopefully, these examples give you some creative ideas for how AI avatars can improve your own business. With all of these benefits for your company to adopt an AI avatar why not start now? Head over to our page of services here to learn more about our AI avatar service and we can help you get started with creating an AI avatar for your business!

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