Liz's Avatar - Liz is the Traits A.I. Facebook Messenger Chatbot
Elizabeth (Liz)

Meet Elizabeth or Liz for short, our very own Voice Assistant representative at Traits AI. She’s here to tell you more about our company and services and is an example of the types of conversational AI we can help your business design, develop, and deploy. Liz is talkative and charming, just don’t ask her about her life story… once she gets going she might not stop! She is available on Alexa and Google Assistant to chat with you now.

To speak to Liz on Alexa, first you need to enable the skill here. After you have enabled her just say, “Alexa, open Traits AI Liz.”

Liz is also available on Google Assistant! Click here to send her to your device. Or just say “Okay Google, talk to Liz at Traits AI.”