Secret Satoshi

Chat with the creator of bitcoin and test your knowledge of the cryptocurrency!

Secret Satoshi is an AI avatar that helps you learn about bitcoin.


He is available as a voice enabled AI assistant on:

Google Assistant:

Ask your Google Home speaker, “Hey Google, speak to Secret Satoshi.”

Or from the Google Assistant App, “Hey Google, speak to Secret Satoshi.”  Download the app for iPhone or Android.


Amazon Alexa:

First, enable the Alexa Skill from the skill store here.  Be sure to link the skill to your account.

Then say, “Alexa, open Secret Satoshi.”

If you don’t have an Amazon Echo at home, you can still chat with Secret Satoshi using the Amazon Alexa app for iPhone or Android.





He is also available on chat services:

Our website right here!

He is on Facebook Messenger, too!



We also have a Satoshi mobile app in closed beta testing.